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Genuine Leather Leaf Jacket


One of a kind, hand cut authentic Dakota West leather jacket. Made in Turkey. !00% Handmade using genuine lambskin leather.

All of our pieces are hand cut from genuine lambskin leather and stitched to mesh underlay allowing for more mobility and flexibility than other leather jackets. Irregularities and imperfections are normal because the leaves are made with natural leather and each jacket is handmade in Turkey.

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Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2X


Black, Red, White, Blue

Cleaning Instructions

Method 1: Use a soft white eraser to remove stains, dirt, and marks. Gently rub the eraser on the leather as if you are erasing a pencil mark.

Method 2: Use a hand cream such as Nivea body milk or vaseline. You can also use any leather cleaner used for leather shoes, bags, and sofas. Apply by hand or use a soft cotton cloth, making circular motions on the leather. You can do this to clean the leather or as maintenance to keep your leather soft, strong, and shiny.

ATTENTION! Before applying anything to your leather jacket, first test the product by applying a small amount to a part of the leather that is not easily seen. Wait a while and check the results. If no damage or discoloration occurs, you’re safe to use the product on your jacket.

Care Instructions

Iron your jacket regularly to keep the leather leaves in place and keep your jacket looking new.

Use a white cotton cloth between the iron and your jacket. Make sure the iron is not too hot. Start with a warm iron and increase the heat if the desired result is not achieved. DO NOT use steam or water on your jacket.


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